HOWTO make rim-perching adorable tiny gingerbread houses for your cocoa

Megan from has created these tiny adorable gingerbread houses designed to perch on the rim of your hot chocolate mug, and she thoughtfully provided a downloadable pattern for making your own.

a tiny gingerbread house that perches on the rim of your mug (via A Whole Lotta Nothing)


    1. Lady Katey: Heh. That’s a pretty good idea, especially considering the artistry that can go into sushi even when it’s only supposed to look like sushi. :-)

  1. You could scale it up and make one to perch on the rim of your toilet bowl, to bring some Christmas Cheer to the bathroom.

  2. I’m afraid my nose would smash the roof or be lacerated by the candy shards. This is an affront to those with full-figured proboscises. And those too lazy to build one for the sake of a cup of cocoa. Cute though.

  3. So now I can drink cocoa AND pretend to be a T-Rex in one sitting. Anything that combines the tasks on my daily checklist……

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