Know Your Meme: Om Nom Nom

Important educational video that documents the rise of Om Nom Nom and its meaning in culture. Includes early footage of Cookie Monster in a training video for IBM.

I watched it with my cat, Red, and he seemed enthralled. Of course, he also chases his own tail.

Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies: More "Know Your Meme" videos


  1. The cow goes, “Sha-zoooooo!” It most certainly does not!

    But I understand in Belgium, it’s “um trum trum”. That would make this memeglish and therefore not universal.

  2. She sure is cute, but is there anything more annoying than someone (anyone) explaining memes?

    It’s like trying to explain inside jokes – rarely translates to anything interesting.

    Anyone who ever saw an Om nom nom macro, or heard it used in context doesn’t need an explainer. It ain’t hard to figure out.

    But she sure is cute.

    1. It’s a pretty hillarious video if you do know the om nom nom meme and I’m pretty sure that’s who it’s aimed at.

      I did appreciate the cookie monster history I’d never clicked with that before.

  3. These people hire a new pretty girl every few videos — to the great disappointment of my hubby, who rather liked the first one.

  4. Her name is Ellie Roundtree, and she’s actually a producer for much of Rocketboom’s features, so she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And as with pretty much all the females in rocketboom videos, she is amazing.

  5. Well, even if Cory did make it up, it’s part of net.culture now. Boom Blox Bash Party uses it as one of the win phrases when you get perfect on a level!

  6. I’d appreciate if, for reference’s (and entertainment’s) sake, you put links to the various videos from which you’ve taken clips for your show.

    1. I’d appreciate it, for ceiling cat’s sake, if you would pay attention and thus address your complaints to the producers of the video, not to those who link you to it. I like pie.

  7. That particular Cookie Monster video isn’t the IBM video mentioned. That was a skit that first aired on the Ed Sullivan show in the 60’s

    The timing is brilliant and this “proto-Cookie Monster” was puppeteered by Henson.

    Also, Jeff Moss has been attributed as the creator (or at least one of the creators) of Cookie Monster:

    Early incarnations of Cookie Monster:

    And Cookie Monster and Martha Stewart (Frank Oz being awesome):

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