Flat pack ostrich bottom table

Ostrichthththt The curiously cool ibride Diva Ostrich Console Table is £234.48 from Nest.co.uk. Great inspiration if you know someone who has a laser cutter or ShopBot. I'd love a menagerie of animal bottom furniture pieces. (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)


  1. I don’t like it at all… where does our acceptance of hacked things (no internet pun intended) come from? We are without doubt a race, a species without respect for full glorious life! Now, if it had been a carving of a full bodied bird … for me , this would have been neautiful. Imagine a cats top, whiskers and all… lifeless and mutilated in the living room as a piece of wooden decoration!?

  2. Cute it may be, but if the photo is accurate, it looks very unstable to me. The centre of gravity is high and the base is tiny by comparison. A jug of water placed at the “neck” end of the table-top would likely topple it. Another fine example of design aesthetics (form) overruling practical considerations (function).

    1. It looks as though it’s meant to be up against a wall. The back part of the tabletop is straight while the front has some angles.

  3. @ Honkytowner:

    Even if the photo is accurate, there are any number of ways to stabilize the table, beginning with the simplest method: ensuring that the bottom is heavier than the top. The table could be fixed in place with Tapcons, for all we know.

    I’d bet this table is every bit as functional as any in your house. And if stability was our biggest concern, perhaps we wouldn’t be too interested in awkwardly shaped tables in the first place.

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