Grotesque and lovely animatronics

Roboticist film-maker John Nolan's gallery of animatronic creations is a treasure-trove of wonderful, grotesque creations in states of partial undress. gallery of photos (via JWZ)


  1. That is flat out the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages. The showreel on his site is just astonishing. So beautiful. So grotesque.

  2. Cory, I was literally seconds away from going to bed when I did my nightly routine of setting an open Firefox window back to my homepage (BB). Now I have to stay up so that thing doesn’t follow me into my dreams where it will gnaw on things and make horrible screeching scraping noises with it’s teeth.


  3. I really don’t ‘get’ gross. Gross has no symmetry and symmetry is a factor that the human mind seeks.

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