New Jersey fire chief vandalizes neighbor's rare car with rocks — and it was caught on video

A New Jersey fire chief allegedly became irate when a man's sump pump leaked rainwater onto the firehouse. So he handled it like a gentleman by taking revenge, pouring a bucket of rocks and gravel over the man's extremely rare sports car. And he was either unaware of or too angry to care about the nearby surveillance camera that caught him in the act. (See video below, posted by

The car owner, who lives right next door to the Piscataway firehouse and had parked his 1995 Nissan Nismo 270R (guessed to be only one of two in the U.S.) on his own property, said that the fire chief's temper tantrum caused $10,000 in damages, including a ding on one of the doors and a cracked windshield.

The fireman, Joshua Scolnick, has since been charged with 3rd degree criminal mischief.

From CBS:

[Mark] Bahna, who collects and sells Japanese sports cars, said his car was scratched and dented. He said it's priceless, and may be one of just two '95 Nismo 270R's currently in the U.S. 

"Nissan, back in 1995, only produced 30 of these cars. And I have car number five," he said. "You know, that's just been my passion since I was a kid, growing up with 'Fast and the Furious.'" 

CBS New York called and went to the firehouse where Scolnick works, but did not get any responses. Piscataway Fire District No. 3, which oversees the firehouse, did not respond to messages. 

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