Have hospital, will travel


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  1. Stefan Jones says:

    It’s like a cross between *M*A*S*H* and a Jump Castle!

  2. MelSkunk says:

    Médecins Sans Frontières is one of my favorite charities.. I was gonna donate to them ANYWAYS but this just adds to it :) Canadians can donate at MSF.ca

  3. iamrachel says:


    What these people do is incredible. I just made a donation, thanks for reminding me!

  4. billstewart says:

    Doctors Without Borders is having a Fundraiser Party in San Francisco on Saturday Jan 16th. It’s at The Verdi Club at 2424 Mariposa @ Potrero from 6pm to midnight. Here’s a Laughing Squid link with a description. Suggested donation $10 or more, expecting 200-500 people, lots o’ bands.

  5. Marchhare says:

    PIH also has deep roots there already:

  6. Ratdog says:

    This is exactly why we need to invest in Zeppelins.

    I mean, airship hospitals would be really helpful in situations like this.

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