Makers tile game: the final, 9x9 edition's just posted the final iteration of the little rotating tile-game based on the Creative Commons-licensed illustrations that accompanied the serialization of my novel Makers. The 9x9 grid is truly a thing of awesome beauty.

Makers Tile Game, final 9x9 iteration now live


  1. I can’t seem to get the “Save to Desktop” feature to work. I’m on a Mac, I’ve tried both Firefox 3.6RC1 and the latest dev version of Chrome. When I click “Save” on the Flash thingy, after it gets generated, it comes up with an “Open” dialog box, rather than a “Save” dialog box. There’s no way to enter a filename to save, only to choose an existing one to open. I’ve tried “opening” a dummy file I created, to see if it would replace it, and that didn’t work.

    I’d really love to have this as my wallpaper – any ideas how to let Tor know this isn’t working, or workaround the problem?

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