Word-map of net-censorship in China

Adapted from the book Information is Beautiful, this infographic showing sites and search terms censored by China's Great Firewall.

(Thanks, Marilyn!)


  1. I have never had any trouble accessing BoingBoing from China (I am doing so right now). Same goes for Apple, and BBC, and wikipedia has been working just fine for more than a year. Can’t say the same for Facebook, unfortunately. Where did you source the info for blocked sites?

  2. “they” are about to censor our internet in australia,much to my surprise,always thought this was a democracy,my mistake.

  3. If you go back to the original posting site and read the comments, you’ll see this has already been heavily discredited, with around 80% of “blocked” sites being easily accessible in China. If you look carefully, there are several sites listed twice (presumably just to add volume), and there are quite a few *.cn sites (ie Chinese sites)…. it even lists 163.com, China’s largest home-grown email provider…

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