Wizzywig 3: "Fugitive" -- hacker history comic turns up the heat


2 Responses to “Wizzywig 3: "Fugitive" -- hacker history comic turns up the heat”

  1. jungletek says:

    Just my opinion here, obviously, but I felt that the first issue seemed to be too similar to the story of Kevin Mitnick. So much so that I couldn’t bear to even finish it.
    Also the art style did nothing for me, reminding me of Archie comics, which I abhor.
    Almost hurts me to be so critical, as I consider myself a hacker in the traditional sense of the word, and therefore wish to support anyone that knows enough to make the distinction.

  2. Jason Rizos says:

    I bought a copy of the first installments based on a Boingboing post and was blown away. Thorough and intense!

    But it’s boingthump, btw.

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