Iranian dissident site back online!

Ethan Zuckerman writes,
Thanks for the post regarding mowjcamp on Monday. Less than 48 hours later, the situation's been resolved, thanks in no small part to Yahoo! who put serious resources into resolving the situation. I've updated my post: is back up! Friends at EFF were able to broker a conversation between Yahoo, Moniker, Melbourne IT and Access Now. The situation is complicated, and I'm still trying to understand the details of the resolution, but it's fantastic news that the site is back up. Special thanks to friends at Yahoo! who ended up taking the brunt of the criticism for the downtime. That wasn't fair, and was in part my fault for not understanding everyone's role in the situation. Yahoo! worked extremely hard to resolve the situation after being called out and deserve special thanks for their hard work, as does everyone who took action to get this important site back online.

Mowjcamp (Thanks, Ethan!)