Twitpics In Space


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  1. oasisob1 says:

    This is why astronauts should be disqualified from all photography contests.

  2. bassplayinben says:

    A lot of NASA photos are real pictures taken by real guys. All of those shots of men on the moon, Ed White and Buzz Aldrin floating outside of Gemini capsules, men and women in EVA suits in the shuttle cargo bay, men and women crawling up the side of ISS, men and women at the controls of the most sophisticated and capable spacecraft ever built… are all real pictures taken by real guys. Twitter is only the distribution method. They are all very important photos from space.

  3. Jetse says:

    Great, great stuff.

    Now shoot me (reality beating art), but I’ve got a story called “Twittering the Stars” (By Mari Ness) coming up in my
    SHINE anthology
    , which is basically a series of tweets from an astronaut on a mission to the asteroid belt.

    I’ll be putting up an excerpt from “Twittering the Stars” next week Friday, so the timing is *almost* perfect…;-)

  4. Anonymous says:


    The delivery method is the point. This picture was taken when Jose wanted, shared with us directly when Jose chose to, and viewed by us when we want to. This picture wasn’t assigned, processed, reviewed, approved, distributed, then presented.

  5. frankieboy says:

    It may make the “infinite out-there feel a bit closer”, but that’s an illusion. It’s still the vast, cold, uncaring universe. Not that that’s a bad thing!

    • Maggie Koerth-Baker says:

      Right. And now I feel a little more connected to that vast, cold, uncaring universe.

      The fact that this gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling is, perhaps, it’s own problem.

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