The penis shrine (NSFW)


I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo last week where I was seated in front of some very interesting hanging art. It wasn't the only thing about the decor that was conspicuously phallic...


Behind a curtain in the corner of the restaurant were these Golden Ball Fortune Telling penises. Under each statue is a drawer from which you can pick a rather crass fortune that parodies the traditional New Years version that you'd normally draw at a real shrine.


I didn't take any more pictures, but there were butt cheeks and breasts hanging on the walls, too.


  1. And unsurprisingly the longest one has all the coins at the base. I bet they haven’t had to add new fortunes at the base of any of the others since they opened.

  2. The “hanging art” is a rather crass take on one of those large gongs. Remember those large temple gongs where six men swing a log to strike the gong? There’s a nice vagoo on where that penis strikes.

  3. I came here from Twitter just to say that it amuses me that you have to attach (NSFW) to an article titled “The penis shrine”. I know you’re just covering your ass, so to speak, but that one should be self-explanatory. :P

    1. You never know, it may be very important to cover your ass at the penis shrine.

      Btw, my captcha is “The origami”

  4. can we get a little more specific info about the restaurant? the name, at least, would be helpful… some of us might be interested in seeing it for ourselves!

  5. I think this restaurant either has more than one branch across Tokyo (a chain? OMG?!?), or the redecorated it with even more phallus symbols. I was in a restaurant which had this shrine and the red walls. It was somewhere close to Shinjuku station East exit. But I cannot remember that massive Penis bell

  6. I could be wrong but this looks like the Chinese restaurant across from Roppongi Hills? (Although after a while all these penis shrines start to look the same…)

    1. PixelFish, you prat, how can you link to a picture of a five-foot cock for sale without linking to a way to buy it?!?!?

  7. Kintama Uranai? I find that the fortunes my testicles predict do not always lead to auspicious outcomes.

  8. When you say there are butt cheeks on the walls, you mean PAIRS of butt cheeks, right? Because I don’t think I’d even know what it WAS if there was just one. I’d just be all “dang, they’ve got some really bad plasterers in this town…”

  9. Ah, yes… Cafe 8. You also left out the sculptures of breasts and asses that cover the walls. They have another cafe in Ebisu that has some KILLER Peking Duck.

  10. haha! i love this place. i stay around there every summer, and pretty much went there for lunch there atleast 3 times a week. main meal+soup+ all you can eat rice, desert, and tea/coffee only for 550 yen. and the special lunch menu changes weekly as well with 3-4 options as well!

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