Old sweaters reborn as mittens

Cristine sends us her "environmentally friendly mittens handmade from recycled wool sweaters that have been washed and felted. Polar fleece lined, your hands will stay toasty warm and dry."

Cristine's Mittens (Thanks, Cristine!)


    1. Sourcing the materials, washing, felting, and lining — sounds like $20-25 is pretty fair. They may be reused materials, but there’s an element in design in pairing fabrics, and certainly labour in *constructing* the mittens. The same kind of mittens in a store would probably be $10 for a cheap, mass-produced version.

      Granted, I wouldn’t treat these as throwaway mitts the way I would for stuff I buy at the mall, but these are *awesome* as gift ideas — just the right price range, unique, not what you’d see in a store.

      Anyway, you don’t like the price? Don’t buy’ em. The free market at its best.

  1. Not to take away from Christine’s cute wares, but there are *tons* of people that have been doing this — many on Etsy. Toasty days.

  2. My mom gave me a pair of these she made from an old sweater of mine for Christmas. I’ve been encouraging her to make more and start selling them. They’re really lovely and warm.

  3. replying to Lobster…..I have a pair of Cristine’s mittens and hers are of exceptional quality and design. I have seen others and hers are by far superior. Each pair is designed by coordinating several sweaters and to get the color variety you need to have a large supply of sweaters. Lots of people making these are using sweaters that are not all wool, which makes them much less warm. These make a great gift and are the warmest mittens you can find. And how nice to get a handmade, upcycled, useful item made in the United States which is so beautiful!

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