More leaked documents reveal details of secret copyright treaty negotiations


6 Responses to “More leaked documents reveal details of secret copyright treaty negotiations”

  1. PaulR says:

    I hope that at some point, Michael Geist is admitted to the Order of Canada as a Companion.

    Bonus: he can walk to the ceremony from his office.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why is it secret if it’s not about national security? Simple, because they don’t want the proletariat knowing that they’re working to screw us over ten ways to Tuesday.

  3. cymk says:

    I would just be happy with world governments dropping this secrecy bullshit and just laying it out on the table for all to see. If it really is for the good of all then let us see, and judge that for ourselves.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Michael Geist as an OC; I personally think he’s more deserving than most, however given that the Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage is a permanent member of the OC Advisory Council, I doubt this recognition would be forthcoming any time soon.

  5. Laurel L. Russwurm says:

    @cymk that’s precisely what they don’t want… it’s like they’re using 1984 as a guidebook… use fear-mongering and doublespeak to fool the masses into thinking its for our own good.

    The biggest problem is that most people don’t understand what is happening/going to happen because of the layers of deception practiced by all of our governments. The first being the deliberate misinformation and the second being the secrecy.

    Shine a spot light on ACTA so that politicians will start to wonder if they are risking re-election. Talk about it…. The word needs to spread outward from the tech community. Tweet, Dent, Gwib, Facebook… Talk to people…. at the water cooler, karaoke night, the schoolboard meeting, the family barbeque…. wherever you go spread the word.

  6. teapot says:

    Good luck policing the internet you clowns. If you didn’t build it – good luck staying ahead of the people who did.

    I hear the war on drugs worked wonders on the international narcotics trade.

    ACTA’s bs is going to go down exactly the same: Spend billions, ruin hundreds of thousands of lives, end in abject failure.

    If / When rediculous laws begin, so does the sabotage. A few cleverly planted data DVDs in the right places and some anon calls to the cops is going to make this game as painful for them as it is for us.

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