ACTA leak shows US Trade Rep lied about "3-strikes"


2 Responses to “ACTA leak shows US Trade Rep lied about "3-strikes"”

  1. cymk says:

    This sounds more like blackmail than an actual law. “Play by our rules or we will sue you into oblivion when one of your users breaks our rules.” I know US politicians are big fans of obsfucating the crucial details of their laws so their riders and petty addendums can get passed as well; but this is some bullshit.

    I hope we, as the public, get an option to vote on this crap in every country involved in the ACTA so this isn’t foisted upon an unwilling public.

  2. cameronh1403 says:

    So after all the media companies get this fantasy world, what will happen when DVD sales and CD sales still decline? It can’t be the pirates because they have been wiped from the net, so would could be the cause?

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