Wikipedia list of every landing mankind has ever made on other planetary bodies

A concise list of every landing mankind has ever made on other planetary bodies. Have to say, I did not know that the USSR had sent that many probes to Venus. (Via Betsy Mason)


  1. I didn’t know anyone succeeded in landing a probe on Venus. Pretty awesome achievement considering the titanic pressure and horrendous temperature of the atmosphere.

  2. I find it odd that China appears to have only one listing. I had just kind of assumed (what with the putting a guy in orbit six or so years ago) that they would’ve had a slew of probes up by now. Guess not.

    1. There’s no political capital to be made from a probe; you can’t say “we have astronauts too!” The thing you have to remember is that the CPC is all about wanting China to be “respected” as much as the US and Russia are. That’s it. They have no real concerns for their people, for their culture, or for their environment. Of course there are individual people in the Chinese government who do, possibly a large majority; but the institution isn’t geared to it. What’s really fascinating about it is that it’s so counterproductive; I think that China’s wuffie would rise dramatically if the CPC simply stopped trying to throw its weight around and acted more like Europe.

      1. Interesting, in my family the Polish side gets the “stupid” jokes and the Irish side gets the “drunkard” jokes.

  3. In Australia the Irish get both.

    I think my first experience of a Polish joke was the very end of Raising Arizona, with the Highway cop.

  4. Apollo 11 United States 20 July 1969
    First manned landing.
    Luna 15 Soviet Union 21 July 1969
    Possible attempted sample return; crashed into Moon.


    Um… I don’t remember hearing about that Soviet mission when I was a kid.

    I mean, the Moon is a big place, but… the Russians were tailing Apollo 11? With something that smacked into the surface??

    There’s a story there.

  5. The Russians landing so many probes on Venus sort of explains the appearance of one in “The Six Million Dollar Man”…

  6. Im sure if there were sheep on the moon New Zealanders would have been the first up there-

    (Actually, speaking from australia)

  7. I’m not gonna make that joke about sending a probe to Uranus. Please admire my restraint.

  8. NASA should have done a better job publicizing the five subsequent manned moon missions. It might have cut down on the number of nutters running around today yelling “fake!!!11” at the first landing.

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