Video: How to sell a durable bucket

On a field trip to a Hindu festival one afternoon with the children of Ama Ghar in Kathmandu Valley, we came across this booth that sold plastic buckets. To show how durable they are, one man repeatedly slammed each bucket against a rock while a child with a microphone repeats: "It won't break!" in Nepali. We ended up buying one before heading home. They're useful for washing clothes and taking bucket baths.


  1. Lisa, you just fell for the “Nepalese Bucket Con,” one of the oldest grifts in existence! Whatever you do, don’t leave your bucket where yaks can see it.

    1. Bucket bathing I think is the same thing as I think of as “Camp Bathing” or “Oh Fuck The Hot Water Tank Is Broken And I Don’t Have The Money To Fix It” bathing.

      When you have to boil all the water in a kettle or a pot, having a real bath rapidly becomes Really Not Worth The Effort. At least not on a daily basis.

      So you boil a spaghetti pot full, or a couple of kettles full – a buckets worth. And then you give yourself the best sponge bath you can manage and finish off by dumping the bucket of water over yourself. Well, actually you finish off with fantasizing about hot water on demand, but that’s after the actual bath process is done.

  2. My memory of my time in India involves buckets. Lots of buckets, all the time. Buckets to wash clothes in. Buckets to wash vegetables in. Buckets to wash dishes in. Buckets for bathing. Buckets for washing the floor.

    Actually, come to think of it, they were all the same three buckets :)

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