Free download returns: Tribute to The Clash's Sandinista!

sandinistaprojectcoverlores.jpgA few years ago, I produced The Sandinista Project, in which 36 performers each covered one song from The Clash's Sandinista! It was a fun and crazy project. Last summer, on Joe Strummer's birthday, as reported by Mark, I made the record free for a day. The free download was a great success although what I learned from the experiment was more mixed. I've been having a wonderful time here during my guestblogging residency and I'd like to say "thank you" by making the record free again, for a limited time. Instead of making it free for one day, which slowed the hamsters running the servers to a crawl because everyone downloaded at once, I'm going to make the record, along with digital images of the packaging, available until midnight U.S. eastern time on Sunday night, so you'll have plenty of time to download this before it goes away. The Sandinista Project, once again free for a limited time


  1. Wow, what a great gift and a great way to start my day. I love the Clash and can’t wait to download this.

  2. WAIT STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Mr Guterman, apparently you set this up so as to support your own predetermined conclusions. You’re giving away a “tribute” album from a variety of artists, none of whose names are on the cover or are promoted directly. You don’t have data on whether sales for original Clash songs or albums were helped by downloads of this album. There’s also the very real possibility that the QUALITY of the album is crap. But you don’t face the possibility- you already decided it’s the business model. And you have the nerve to call the free giveaway model cynical! Mr Guterman, you didn’t learn anything from the experiment, I’m not sure you ever wanted to learn. It’s so easy to set others up for failure, and shrug your shoulders, while pretending to be noble and generous and open minded. You can put your “tribute” where the sun don’t shine.

  3. When I downloaded it last time it sat unlistened for months but I for one happen to have LOVED this tribute album with some of these tracks being the best covered songs I’ve ever heard, thanks so much!

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