Dr Teeth tattoo

Slave to the Needle's Andrea executed this completely freaking awesome Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem tattoo for a very lucky Muppet-fan. (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Okay, I usually wince and cringe at the stupid things people do to their bodies, but this is absolutely wonderful!

  2. It’s very nice but I can’t imagine wanting it permanently on my arm. Even if I don’t wear shirts that show off my “muscles”. Actually, I can’t think of anything I’d want on me forever. My partner is tattooed. I’m not. Every time I think of something that may be different or ironic or funny or whatever I can only think about how I’ll feel in 10 years. But then I over-think most things anyway.

  3. Hey, somebody permanently ruined their skin with a tattoo that’s going to look like Hades in 20 years. And one that’s complete with classic children’s iconography to indoctrinate the little ones early! How very lucky!

  4. I know it’s based on an official Muppet press photo, but in my memory, I’m convinced Janice played left-handed, along with the other Muppet guitarists.

    1. Yes, they are both southpaws. I think she is holding her guitar on the other side just to pose for the photo (that the tattoo was based on), y’know…for symmetry.

      1. I heard a rather shocking rumor that the Muppets didn’t actually play their own instruments in real life anyway.

  5. Disney has hired a team of “lawyers” to recover this obvious knockoff of their intellectual property. They will get their pound of flesh.

  6. Ruined their skin? I think their skin still functions as originally intended, it just looks a little different. There’s a difference between “ruined” and “defaced”, “marred”, “beautified”, “decorated”, etc. if that’s what you were getting at.

    It’s beautifully executed.

  7. The tattoo, superb. The problem, the DMCA notice they got. The laser de-tattooing truck is on its way.

  8. That tattoo is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Kudos to the artist. The vibrancy and detail are wonderful. I think the Muppets are classic enough to still be viable imagery years from now. And it won’t necessarily look bad in the future. A lot depends on the person’s natural skin elasticity, if they are diligent on their touch ups, and if the owner keeps decent muscle tone as they age.

  9. #10 And sunblock. Can’t forget the sunblock. That tat should never see the light of day w/o spf 30+

  10. You should see the beautifully executed Tasmanian Devil I have on my shoulder – I’m pretty sure it will never go out of style.

  11. I’m the “very lucky Muppet-fan”, am 40 years old and this is my first tattoo. I am a puppeteer and an illustrator, and a lifelong Henson fan. Last year the Jim Henson exhibit came to Seattle and I volunteered there. This tatt is to commemorate my experience. Thanks for the comments everyone,and in the immortal words of Boba Fett Diop: “If you don’t like tattoos, don’t get a tattoo. Otherwise, STFU.”

    1. this is stunning. this exemplifies my feeling that the muppets were more than just a kids’ show. thank you so much! i’m now going to go re-watch the muppet show with alice cooper as the guest star. =)

  12. My wife had her back piece done by Andrea. She’s a great tattoo artist, and an amazing lady.

  13. this is the first tattoo i’ve seen that actually made me pause and think about getting a tattoo. it’s glorious.

  14. I don’t know about how it’s going to hold up. Colors fade, and at different rates; that’s a lot of ink, it’s probably going to get muddy looking over the decades. Lines that start out crisp tend to blur over time. Yellows and reds are fugitive. I’ve heard tattoo inks are formulated differently now, so who knows. Time will tell.

    1. I heard a rather shocking rumor that everything fades and we all will die someday. I hear skin gets wrinkly looking over the decades. Vision that starts out crisp tends to blur over time. Also, I hear sometimes shit just happens, but who knows. Time will tell.

      pauliepickle, that’s a beautiful tattoo.

  15. Tattoos aren’t for me but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy someone else’s. Frankly, I think it’s dynamite. And original.

    And to think, most people would just steal a coffee cup to commemorate a special job.

  16. I liked Anonymous # 6’s comment. Good Shakespearean reference. As to “Boba Fett” and “Paulie Pickle,” right back atcha.

  17. How DARE you criticize something posted on the internet for everyone to see. The very idea is, is.. . inconceivable!

    Honestly I see tattoos like cosmetic surgery. It can good for some people with the right doctor/artist.

  18. This is an aweosme tatoo and was done so well! I am a true tattoo lover, so can defintiely appreciate the artistry here, and I’m a huge Muppets fan, so it makes it even better. How wonderful that you got to work on that exhibit and it inspired you to collect this gorgeous piece of work!

  19. I am a big critic of certain tattoos: the neck tattoo, the “tramp stamp”, and most anything that’s been done in a state prison. But THIS is beautiful work! A masterpiece!

  20. The most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational. . .This is what I call a great tattooooo!!!

    1. Brilliant comment on a brilliant tattoo!

      That artist is amazing. Honestly, this is the best tattoo I have ever seen. Ever. Nice work!

  21. That is AWESOME. To the incredible number of people commenting on a tattoo picture about how they don’t like tattoos – buzz off! Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?

  22. I think it’s a fake!!! WAY to clean of lines and color and where is the redness? A new Tat has a red shadow around it from the needle and an old Tat would fade after the Scab is gone. — just wondering, but I don’t believe it!

  23. It is NOT a fake, silly… and it’s healed. My friend Andrea did this tattoo, she works at Slave To The Needle, she’s just a brilliant tattoo artist who knows how to do clean lines and put in color properly. Check her work out, and the other artists as well, there’s some great talent there.

  24. wow! that is absolutely amazing! I personally would never get that done on myself, but man oh man I truly can appreciate the artwork.

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