And then, Joe Biden said ...

Joe Biden thinks health care reform is a big fucking deal. (See video above. In related news, Joe Biden continues to come in a close second behind the Apostle Peter as my personal Patron Saint of ADHD.) If you read the papers of record, however, you will see him quoted as saying "...", "[expletive]" or "profane term". Sadly, "fracking" does not yet seem to be AP style.

Personally, I like NPR's Ian Chillag's take ...

"This is a big lovemaking deal, Mr.President."


  1. I wonder if the President ever just rolls his eyes at what Biden says? Does he ever just shake his head?

  2. “How do I tell the President that, due to the unfreezing process, I have no internal monologue.”

  3. BFD. Despite the efforts of the FCC, this is how real people talk. And while Fox News is getting the vapors, Cheney and Rove have both been caught using the F-word in public and they had no problem with that.

  4. Didn’t our last VP tell someone on camera to ‘Go [lovemake] yourself’?

    It’s too bad we don’t get big TV coverage everytime any person in the world drops teh F-bomb, then we could really stay on top of this big issue.

  5. It makes me like Biden more.

    Though he won me over when he bowed “Japanese style” to Jon Stewart, just after Obama did it in Japan.

  6. Well, it ain’t Emily Post, but it’s only a half-credit fine. Now someone explain the three seashells to him.

  7. I saw part of the signing today at work and have a question. What is the deal with using like 30 different pens to sign?

    1. Tafkajp, it multiplies the number of souvenir pens they can hand out afterward.

      1. Prepareducate, I’ve never heard of the White House selling bill-signing pens. They give them away.

  8. Temptation @ #1: You can’t see it on this cut, but in other footage, where the camera stays with the podium throughout, you can see that Obama does put on a subtle scowl. I can imagine him thinking, “dammit, Joe, the mic totally caught that” as he turns towards the audience to speak.

  9. Not a very clear blog item. It took me until the above comments to figure out what Biden said and that for some reason the video posted actually had nothing to do with the remark.

    Health care is a BFD despite the propagandistic bullshit you hear from Boehner and Fox. Politicians saying “fuck”? That ain’t news; Joe (# 4) has exactly the right take.

    1. You can hear VP Biden saying “This is a big fucking deal, Mr. President” on the video.

      (And if you play it backwards, you can hear Biden say, “My Sweet Satan — the One who made a path for me. The power is Satan’s.”)

    2. It took me until the above comments to figure out what Biden said and that for some reason the video posted actually had nothing to do with the remark.

      8 seconds into the video above.


      From the first line of Maggie’s post: “Joe Biden thinks health care reform is a big fucking deal. (See video above..”

      1. Ok, I guess he says it while everyone is applauding, into the prez’s ear directly? (I can’t turn my speakers up that high at work here.) If so, it’s a far cry from Cheney’s remark, directly to insult a delegate, while presiding over the Senate. In other words, I say to those who would object: BFD!

        1. Phik’ my man, that’s the trouble with mixing business and pleasure. You don’t get any work done, and you don’t have any fun.

          I say, quit your job and take up YouTube.

  10. Can we get a clip where he actually says this? All we’ve got above is an introduction to the prez.

  11. This is exactly why I love Joe Biden. The press secretary’s followup Twitter post was priceless…

    “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right,”

  12. I doubt that’s what he said. Where I come from, saying “big fucking deal” means it isn’t a big deal. Surely this isn’t what Biden would say. I’m sure it’s simply a case of garbled audio.
    All that said, I really don’t give a fuck if he did say what many here what to attribute to him.

    1. There is a subtle difference between off-handedly saying “big fucking deal” and telling someone “This is a big fucking deal.” I however, applaud VP Biden’s uncouth and vulgar outburst. It sort of makes him seem a little more human.

    2. Well it depends on how you say it.

      “This is a BIG fucking deal,” sounds like praise.
      “This is a big FUCKING deal,” sounds like sarcasm.

      But then again, you’re so smart, you already knew that didn’t you?

      (Now was I being sarcastic, or not?)

      1. Your second example could indicate some added “pork” the bill had that I had no idea about.

  13. It’s been shown many times that swearing only matters when Democrats or their supporters do it. Because they’re not Real Americans.

    Haven’t you guys been paying attention?

  14. This is such good kung fu.

    Now the whiny conservative scare-mongers get to enjoy the downside to the shallow, voracious news media they have cultivated…

    … on the very friggin’ day that the bill is signed, HCR has been chased off the front page/top blog item by concern over Biden’s “gaffe” about HCR.


  15. Isn’t it about time that people grew up and stopped getting upset over words like this? A racial epithet or the like I can understand, but this?

  16. RE: # 32

    “It sort of makes him seem a little more human.”

    He needs all the help he can get.

  17. Joe just added a good chunk to the coffers with the FCC fines they’ll be bringing in for this.. Nobody’s above the law, not even the Vice Pr..
    er, scratch that, the precedent’s been set already. He can do anything!

  18. My country really is a land of adults who act like children. We snicker at Tiger Woods’ affairs. We weep at Sandra Bullock’s “heartbreak.” And we can’t wait for people to say swearwords on TV even though we probably grew up hearing them from classmates and neighbors (sometimes even our parents) on a daily basis since Kindergarten. One of these days, people will stop being enchanted by marital infidelity and swearing… but I assume that will be after the last person draws his or her last breath.

  19. I hope Joe wasn’t just trying to get cred with the cool kids. The White House years can be so rough.

  20. Sure, there has to be a feeding frenzy on the effenheimer now… but not when it was busted out by Tricky Dick on the floor of congress. That apparently wasn’t a big fucking deal.

    When are citizens going to give up on these teensy weensy quibbles, embrace the beauty of the vulgar, and move on to caring about larger social issues like, say,… health care?

  21. Aw, /fuck/, Biden! What the fuck were you thinking? Anyone in your fuckin’ position ought to know better than to fuck up like that. Fuck me, it’s this kind of fuck-all /laissez-faire/ attitude that has us fucked! The wing-fuckin’-nutters are going to be all over this fucketyfuckfuck. Your only hope now is to do like that fuck Carl Rove, and tell them “Fuck You!” when they harp on this fucker.

    What are you, fourteen?


    (Dog Bless Saunt G. Carlin)
    (Any resemblance between this comment and an episode of The Sopranos is purely coincidental. “Fuck” is a trademark of HBO and Brillstein-Grey and is used here in a fair-use manner. All warranties express or implied are expressly disclaimed.)

    1. You forgot a fuck at the end of fuckityfuckfuck.

      It’s more infantilizing to stifle the occasional four-lettered utterance than to have the freedom to occasionally pepper one into your speech. Four-letter words are spices, one should not use them liberally in order to avoid diluting their effectiveness.

      1. Four-letter words are spices, one should not use them liberally in order to avoid diluting their effectiveness.

        My thoughts exactly!

  22. I really dig Biden, he’s like the ne’er do well East Coast uncle I never had.

    Biden often says “Fuck” during media interviews, least he used to before becoming VP. In a New Yorker article, he reported that on a trip to Afghanistan, a female teacher afraid the US would abandon her to the Taliban told him, “Don’t fuck with us, jack!” Which I’m fairly sure she did not say, but close enough.

  23. I love Joe Biden. I love Obama / Joe Biden together.

    When it’s a big f’in deal, you should be able to express that it is a big f’in deal!

  24. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck, fuck, fuck-fuckINGGG fuck.

    Fuck fuck fuck.

    Fuck fuck. Fuck?


    By the way. Pretty soon, you might be able to afford to get sick.


  25. Our media had the headline “Biden gaffe” which pricked up my ears. Then I read it *sigh*

    A “gaffe” is when a President says on a live microphone that they’re going to bomb the USSR in five minutes. An F bomb is nothing…hell, for a politician it’s virtually endearing behaviour.

  26. I believe afterwards he said, “I don’t want no motherlovemaking snakes in this motherlovemaking health care reform bill!”


  27. “Didn’t our last VP tell someone on camera to ‘Go [lovemake] yourself’?”

    It wasn’t just someone, it was to a U.S. Senator. I don’t think it was on camera, however.

  28. You know that everyone in the White House knows that they can dare Biden to do just about anything, right?

    This was totally put on by Robert Gibbs: “Hey, Joe, I told the boys that you weren’t man enough to say “fucking” in front of the mikes when introducing Obama. Am I right? I’m totally right. Forget it, Joe, no one expects you to be brave enough to do it.

    Obama’s been trying to put a stop to it, but by the way he can’t help but laugh each time, everyone knows that he thinks it’s just as funny.

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