Popular GOP activist: force "libtarded women" off the road for pregnancy tests

Lauren Witzke is a former drug runner for Mexican cartels turned beloved MAGA conspiracy theorist. Like Mike Lindell, Witzke traded her addiction to drugs for an addiction to conspiracy theories and hateful religious extremism, running as the Republican nominee for Senate in Delaware in 2020. Her campaign was a master class in embracing the most offensive and undemocratic ideologies.

She is a diehard promoter of the QAnon conspiracy cult, claiming Democrats are Satanic pedophiles. She thanked the Proud Boys hate group for providing "security" at her rallies, praising their "patriotic masculinity." Her deranged Greatest Hits include claiming the "elites" controlled Hurricane Ian to punish DeSantis, saying that 9/11 was an Israeli plot, and claiming COVID vaccines are a "Satanic plot" for "mass death."

In other words, your typical Republican, circa 2024.

Today, Witzke reposted a PSA that shows a woman being pulled over by a cop to give her a forced pregnancy test. Witzke's comment: "This is what we plan to do with all libtarded women."

MAGA is the party that screams about "freedom" every chance they get. But in MAGA land, "freedom" means stripping people of their civil liberties by forcing them off the road at pregnancy test checkpoints.

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