New baby scare tactics


Bernie Krause, (who recorded this clip), says that this baby vulture in Ecuador is using the the tree trunk it's installed in as a resonator to make its voice more intimidating to possible predators. I think it's working!

Click on the picture to have a listen.


  1. That is splendid. It puts Lustmord or Northaunt et. al. to shame. I’d happily listen to a loop od that to drift off to sleep. Somebody get that vulture a record deal! Stat!

  2. This sound file auto-played for me as well (on Chrome). Same widget was used last week.

    Admins/Editors: Can you use a format/widget that works across platforms?

  3. 1. I’m using Chrome and the sound file played for me.

    2. Our neighborhood chipmonks will go into our roof gutter drain-pipes and use them to the same effect. Their chirps are like gun shots.

  4. That’s no baby vulture. That’s a trained pteranodon! And it’s guarding the trinoxite!

    Dr. Benton Quest: “He’s got me Race! Use the bazooka!”

    Race Bannon: “This has to work… PSHEW! BAM!!! Now! He dropped him! USE YOUR ROCKETBELT, DOCTOR!”

  5. Interesting adaptation, is the vulture aware it’s making use of a primitive musical instrument?

    Did primates invent music the same way?

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