Disney's Human Element

Scott Smith, a talented photographer and frequent visitor to Walt Disney World, has a blog called "Disney's Human Element" featuring candid snaps of people doing their thing at WDW. He's got a fantastic eye and really manages to capture the essence of a visit to the parks. I love this shot of a little boy marching along behind the brass band, totally caught up in the music and the spirit of play.

Disney's Human Element


  1. I thought the kid was saluting and saying “Heil mein Führer, may Mickey stay forever under copyright!”

  2. I agree that he has a good eye and manages to capture the essence of being there, but, his post-processing of the photos really leaves something to be desired. They’re all dark, high-contrast, and often have those ridiculous vignettes (as in the one featured here). He’s good at seeing and taking the photos, but if he wants to evoke the feeling of actually being there (which he does much better than typical family snapshots), he should make it seem bright and friendly like it actually is (especially in the sun), not dark and high-contrast.

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