Jam session with improvised instruments


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  1. stosh machek says:

    i use the cajon in two different bands i’m currently working with…thing is, they’re not musical genres one might typically find cajons associated with; alt. folk, & country/americana …mine’s made in germany & has snares inside for extra rattle, (there are even fancy versions w/ dampening pedals, & such) …the effect is like a stripped down trap set w/no hardware to lug around…the instrument originated in peru & became popular w/ afro-cuban & flamenco musicians…but its mad adaptable as evidenced here

  2. Mark Crummett says:

    Needs more uke. And I’m surprised at the disturbing lack of cowbell.

  3. Anonymous says:

    People say the box is an instrument called the cajón. I say it’s a box. You know why? Cajón means “big box” in Spanish.

  4. Dewi Morgan says:

    OK, I’m a convert. More improv instruments!

  5. Day Vexx says:

    I just featured some of Judy Dunaway’s “Mother of Balloon Music” album on my last radio broadcast. Now that’s some seriously amazing balloon work!

  6. Anonymous says:

    that’s better than i can do with real instruments.

  7. kaffeen says:

    Play that funky music white boy.

  8. scifijazznik says:

    Way better than the MGMT video.

  9. VagabondAstronomer says:

    Needs a cigar box guitar.
    Pretty cool, though.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. wrybread says:

    Love the balloon bass.

    Here’s a version without the insanely annoying lead-in advertisement:


  12. johnocomedy says:

    It appears to be an ELECTRIC balloon bass. very nice

  13. Anonymous says:

    The box is a real instrument. Technically. A Cajon. From Cuba I think.

  14. jeligula says:

    These two remind me of Bob Mould and Grant Hart.

  15. Boeotian says:

    The drum is not just a box, It’s a Cajón.

  16. folkclarinet says:

    Add the carrot clarinet and you’ve really got something…


  17. Anonymous says:

    Would squeezing the resonator balloon with his arm change anything? I wonder if he could get an extra degree of freedom on his sound that way.

  18. Permanent4 says:

    Nice. The drummer reminds me a little of Porterdavis, whom I saw down in Austin last July. Their drummer is also a guy who sits on a box, though that box is a little more robust. (Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TW3z6NKGyY)

    • N3OX says:

      Reminded me of porterdavis too. They’re friends of friends of mine and come through here in Maryland every now and again. Their drummer has the cajon and a bunch of stuff strapped to other appendages… bells on one leg sounding kind of like a hi hat, etc. Love those guys.

  19. Anonymous says:

    that is awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    way to go!

  20. mbatey says:

    I like the way the one guy has just got in from his office-drone job, while the other is unemployed.

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