Jam session with improvised instruments

The drum is a box. The bass is made of two balloons. The results are delightful.

(Thanks, Marti Siebert!)


  1. Love the balloon bass.

    Here’s a version without the insanely annoying lead-in advertisement:

  2. Would squeezing the resonator balloon with his arm change anything? I wonder if he could get an extra degree of freedom on his sound that way.

    1. Reminded me of porterdavis too. They’re friends of friends of mine and come through here in Maryland every now and again. Their drummer has the cajon and a bunch of stuff strapped to other appendages… bells on one leg sounding kind of like a hi hat, etc. Love those guys.

  3. I like the way the one guy has just got in from his office-drone job, while the other is unemployed.

  4. i use the cajon in two different bands i’m currently working with…thing is, they’re not musical genres one might typically find cajons associated with; alt. folk, & country/americana …mine’s made in germany & has snares inside for extra rattle, (there are even fancy versions w/ dampening pedals, & such) …the effect is like a stripped down trap set w/no hardware to lug around…the instrument originated in peru & became popular w/ afro-cuban & flamenco musicians…but its mad adaptable as evidenced here

  5. People say the box is an instrument called the cajón. I say it’s a box. You know why? Cajón means “big box” in Spanish.

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