Jeff Skoll's poem about the volcano

skollpoem.JPGAlso at TEDx London, Jeff Skoll — eBay's first president, founder of Participant Media, and the namesake for the conference that had brought us to the UK in the first place — read us a poem he wrote about the volcano:
This is an ode to the volcano That sent our travel plans into the draino I'm not really one to complaino But this all hurts my little braino Madrid, Casablanca, Amsterdam, Rejkavik on cruiseships The trains will fail All the escape routes that we planned Are blocked by nature or by man We heard the French trains may soon be striking At this rate we'll all be biking With our luck we'll all be struck by lightning! This is all rather frightening So better we all meet at TED That is what I should have said So thank you June and thank you all Damn the volcano, let's have a ball