Jeff Skoll's poem about the volcano


9 Responses to “Jeff Skoll's poem about the volcano”

  1. Kakiman says:

    Leave by ship, OK…
    But Madrid, lo, is landlocked
    And don’t knock biking!

  2. markbellis says:


  3. seyo says:

    He shouldn’t quit his day job.

  4. Sef says:

    epic culture fail by rich idiot

  5. amadi says:

    How did the business elite respond to the volcanic ash cloud chaos? With wads and wads of cash! One banker stuck in Italy, hired a chauffeur car to take him back to England. Another has had to extend his Easter break on the Bahamas!

  6. Brainspore says:

    Skoll is the only billionaire I’ve met personally. Nice guy, smart man, bad poet.

  7. 2hirondelles says:

    I’m with Sef.

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