Star Wars Loteria tribute

Artist Chepo Peña created a wonderful Star Wars-based tribute to the cards from the Mexican Loteria card-game.

Star Wars Loteria (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Heh–I like this bit:

    My loteria cards were recently featured in the Abrahams book Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles Memorabilia and Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away by Stephen J. Sansweet and Anne Neumann. I got a whole page. It is a trip, and the ultimate honor (especially after getting a cease and desist from Lucasfilm for selling my art on this site).

  2. This looks absolutely brilliant – although mind you I think the melon one is a bit far fetched. :P Will these be available for sale online so that I can buy the Loteria cards in the UK? It would be great to have as part of my Star Wars collection.

    1. yup, it is not a moon, but it has the size of one, might as well be one!, besides , in the first millisecond you see the card you right away see the connection to what is trying to make reference to, so… shhhh

  3. Well, both melons are open and both have red and yellow fillings, so they are accurate.

  4. Ok, The Melon card makes references to darth vader’s big and bald head (cabeza de melon) also, we in Mexico (I was raised in Mexico) call melon to some one with little or no intelligence.

    “3 fam. Cabeza de una persona, especialmente si es grande. calabaza.
    NOTA Frecuentemente usado de forma humorística.”

    Someone’s head, specially if it is big. pumpkin.
    NOTE frequently used in a humorous way.ón

  5. Slang for head is melon. I guess that’s what I was going for, but I like ruismael’s explanation too. I was trying to stay true to the original card but some of them are a little far fetched. I have 16 cards left in the set and I have not idea how to interpret some of them.

    1. I could help you out if you want XD , after all, I understand the american and mexican slang

  6. Holy shit! I never thought I’d see Loteria on Boing Boing! I have been reading Boing Boing for years and never thought these paths would cross. I play bass in a band called “El Valiente”, based on Loteria and it is so cool to see this! We play only original instrumental spaghetti western style rock and make our own videos using public domain footage. Anyone interested can watch these unseen gems:

    Sorry for the ad, but I thought it was relevant and smiled when I saw the El Valiente picture we always use for show flyers on Boing Boing…


    PS: Han shot first!

  7. Lotería is not a card game, is more like Bingo, and it’s a traditional game still very much widely played!!

  8. LOVE THEM!!!
    some thoughts:
    el camaron could have been adm. ackbar (i know he’s mon calamari – but looks more like shrimp than squid)
    el negrito could have had same pose to enhance the pairing or mace windu ;)
    la bota could have been darth vader’s stepping on obi one’s cape (E IV)
    el corazon is a tough one but not sold on han + leia considering the rest are more visual echos than metaphors – which is why el barril, la chalupa and el mundo are simply brilliant!!

    some ideas for the missing ones :
    pavoreal (if on your deck): emperor on throne
    la rana: jabba, or Salacious Crumb so that jabba can be la pera
    la campana: vader’s helmet
    if u redo la bota, el violin can be 3po disassembled (and he IS “un violin”)
    la rosa: sarlacc
    la estrella: the star destroyers crossing paths on ESB chasing the mfalcon
    cupido: chewie with crossbow, and instead el indio can be the ewok with feathers
    ladder: ladder to x-wing
    GOOD LUCK! ;)

    ps. @ruismael: shhhh a ti. “esa no es luna!” was probably not a complaint but a joke/ref. to the line in the movie: “that’s no moon…it’s a space station!”

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