Free Comic Book Day shoplifter foiled by Spiderman, Jedis and the Flash

A man tried to shoplift from Comic Centre in Adelaide, Australia on Free Comic Book day -- a day on which some 40 patrons, many dressed as superheroes, happened to be in the store. Patrons dressed variously as Spiderman, Jedis, and the Flash foiled the robbery.

Spider-Man comes to the rescue in comic book store robbery


  1. I wondered when David Thorne would be brought to justice. His reign of terror is finally over.

  2. Stop that fan! He just raised the value of a particular book! Be interesting to know what titles he tried to snake. Kind of like Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness being the most stolen rock album of all time. It signifies something. Not sure what, but I am certain it signifies.

    1. In the article, it says it was an X-Men Omnibus, so it probably didn’t have much collector value, just a larger and more expensive book to steal. *sigh*

      It just goes to show you: Don’t mess with comic book nerds in costume. We feel compelled to live up to the suit.

  3. The occasion is called “International *Free* Comic Day”, after all- so I can understand the potential for confusion: perhaps the shoplifter was merely trying to liberate a comic from it’s comic shop confinement…

  4. I took pictures of the superheros in action, but they didn’t turn out – because The Flash is not supported on iPhone.

  5. I do so hope that he remembered to pin a “Compliments of your friendly, neighbourhood Spiderman” note to the guy before handing him over to the cops.

  6. If he had taken a digital version of the book he would have been an Internet Superhero!

  7. What part of “…Watch out! Here comes Spider-Maaaaan!” did this guy not understand?

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