Humble Indie Bundle adds Samorost 2, teases source code release

sam2postc.jpg There's only just under 30 hours left to donate to the pay-anything, charity-driven Humble Indie Bundle, if you haven't already, and to say thanks for the nearly $700,000 raised so far, they've just made the deal even sweeter. First, Machinarium developer Amanita Design has added their second point and click adventure Samorost 2 -- still also compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux -- into the package that already nets you 2D Boy's World of Goo, Frictional's horror-adventure Penumbra Overture, bit-Blot's Aquaria, Wolfire's rabbity-combat game Lugaru HD, and Cryptic Sea's physics-based platformer Gish. Second, a cryptic email by the bundle's organizers has promised an (apparently accidental) surprise to anyone that pauses the above video around the 1:17 mark, which I'll save you the trouble of doing and note that the copy states that if the bundle reaches the $1 million mark before it ends, the developers have promised to release the full source code for Gish, Penumbra and Lugaru. With just $300,000 left to go before they hit that mark, it's looking not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Go! The Humble Indie Bundle [Wolfire]


  1. As an FYI, Samorost 2 was also made available to anyone that had already bought the bundle, so they won’t feel left out.

    Actually, the email that was sent informing people of this had an incomplete url (it was missing the key required), and when you went to it there was a message saying essentially “oops! my bad! here’s a temporary key.” It looked to me that this provided a way for anyone to go get the bundle for free (if, say, someone posted that url), when they could instead have just resent email. But I guess anyone could get the bundle for free anyway, if they were a jerk and donated $0.00.

    Anyway, cool! although I have to say that personally I thought Machinarium was way better than Samorost.

  2. I bought this package several days ago. Everything works great with my installation of 10.04 Ubuntu (Linux), and World of Goo, Aquaria, and Gish are some of the best games I’ve played.
    I suggest that everyone donate at least something to and Child’s Play. This is a great way of doing it. :)

  3. Samorost 2 is cute and has great style, top to bottom. Thing is, it’s not really a game. It’s just an animation that occasionally stops till you click a button, with little or no indication of where that button is. The player interaction doesn’t contribute anything. It just interferes with the artist’s message.

    1. Yes it is a game. Its the old adventure games of old. Like King’s Quest, Curse of Monkey Island, and Full Throttle.

    1. I dunno if you realized this, but Osmos was already in a very similar bundle: the Indie Love Bundle (sale already ended). All the games in there are also a lot of fun, I bought that one too. Amanita really likes to get into bundles, I guess.

  4. Very interesting. I already have World of Goo and Gish, so I’m wondering if there’s a convenient way to give those to friends if I get the whole bundle.

    1. @anon: “I already have World of Goo and Gish, so I’m wondering if there’s a convenient way to give those to friends if I get the whole bundle.”

      Yes, they’re DRM-free so there’s nothing to stop you from redistributing them — just pay what you think is fair. (I paid $50, several times the average people have thrown down, on the assumption that I’ll give copies to a few friends here and there.)

      Alternately, you can choose where your money goes; if you want, you don’t have to put any of your purchase toward World of Goo or Gish. But I think you’ve got the right idea in paying for them and passing them along to someone who will enjoy them.

  5. I forgot about the first post from a few days ago. Many thanks Brandon for the reminder. I donated and I will be installing most of these games in our computer lab for my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Thank you to all the developers, EFF, and Child’s Play. Our school is strapped for cash and has been for many years. The newest software our kids have got to use is all free; Tux Paint, Tux of Math Command, and Tux Typing. Actually, I’ve been there 6 years and we haven’t been able to purchase any new software in that time. We make the best with what we have. Thanks again.

  6. I picked-up the bundle early last week and made my contribution, and my kids (9 and 6) are both loving World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, and Samarost 2 (the other two are a little too adult/violent for their ages).

    Definitely a worthwhile cause, recommend to everyone to take advantage of this fantastic deal and contribute.

  7. Thank you for spreading the word on this. I missed the Indie Love Bundle, but I was able to get in on this one. Great games, and thanks to the devs and the Child’s Play team busting their humps to get deals like this together.

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