Open source hardware business booms: 13 companies making $1M+

Here's Limor "Adafruit" Friend and Make editor Phil Torrone presenting a quick Ignite talk on the growth of open-source hardware businesses, including the remarkable revelation that there are 13 companies turning over $1 million or more per year making hardware that anyone can copy and improve upon. Many are based on the Arduino, but the biggest (by an order of magnitude), SparkFun, is a kind of toolsmith that makes bits and pieces to plug into your other projects.

I saw Limor and Phil give this presentation earlier this month at FOO East in Cambridge Mass and haven't been able to to get it out of my head -- so glad that someone got it on video!

13 Open Source Hardware Companies Making $1 Million or More (video)

PDF of the slides (via /.)


  1. When is someone going to do an open source diabetic machine with the corresponding strips? That shit is expensive!

  2. Thats GREAT news. I will gladly buy OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE. They just need to start making products like PCs, DVD players, TVs, Home Theaters, Cellphones, Vehicles, etc…
    I want everything Open Source.

  3. If worldwide consumer hardware spending is $600B, they have managed to capture at least .002% of the market. Total world domination is so close I can taste it! :)

  4. Sparkfun is awesome; they deserve their success. It’s clear they’re knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and it seems to me that they make a perfect example of “do what you love and the money will follow.”

  5. Can someone just post the list? I’m endlessly frustrated by the myriad ways people are obfuscating simple information these days (It’s a 12-item list people, you do not need to make a five minute video or 20 page PDF about it when I could just read the simple bloody list in ten seconds.)

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