William Goldman's Captain Marvel screenplay

Zack sez, "William Goldman is one of the most legendary screenwriters in Hollywood, winning Oscars for BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID and ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN. In 2003, he wrote a screenplay for New Line adapting the classic comic book character Captain Marvel (aka 'Shazam!'). His screenplay was ultimately unused, but a PDF of the script is downloadable at the site MyPDFScripts.com (which also features a ton of other unproduced screenplay, including Oliver Stone's take on Alfred Bester's THE DEMOLISHED MAN and Nick Cave's GLADIATOR 2)."
According to Variety, two-time Oscar-winner William Goldman (Dreamcatcher) will script the big-screen version of Shazam! for New Line Cinema and producer Michael E. Uslan. The trade paper says the film will debut in either Christmas 2004 or summer 2005. No director has been hired yet.