Mechanical irising peephole mechanism

San Diego artist Christopher Schaie created this irising peephole mechanism. It's to go in on a door with a dome on the other side. He milled the pieces with a ShopBot CNC, and has posted the DXF files. OMGWANT.

More mechanical wooden silliness (via Make)


  1. I had originally read the title as “Mechanical Irishing peephole”. I was understandably confused.

  2. omg want as well. this guy could probably make a pretty good living just making and selling these, and these type of things

  3. After skimming through most of the posts on this forum, I see that the maker, Chris, is designing a Kraken motif for the other side of the door. Now I’m going to have to follow the posts to see if he shows any completed images of that.

  4. It’s big, not the peephole size I expected. From the link it looks like maybe a foot across.

  5. What a great looking gizmo. Thanks for the Video PIP. and yes Steampunk all the way. Love it.

  6. This looks awesome so I hate to be a dick, but the iris diaphragm this is trying to look like creates a basically circular opening at all times. The blades are supposed to overlap, but this one gets all starburst as it opens because the blades only meet in the centre.

    If the blades were twice as long and kept the same hinge points they’d overlap by about the correct amount. They’d just need to be thin enough to slide over each other. That would make a truly terrifying wang-chopper.

    1. The linked thread includes some experimentation with overlapping blades, but it looks like the sheet metal he was using was too thick and the blades would lock up before completely closing the gap.

  7. So there is this awesome piece of wood&brass, looking like it was directly teleported in from the Nautilus, and it happens to be the first thing in ages Cory does not throw the monicker ‘steampunk’ at? w. t. f.

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