The leftover pictures from WWDC


I'm a total tech conference noob. Despite my best efforts to fight dying batteries and slow Internet connections I still didn't manage to get some of my better photos up on the post from yesterday.

Here's my Flickr set from after my laptop croaked, chock full of Steve and close ups of the new iPhone.


  1. Like professional photographers, if you’re going to be at a live event “liveblogging” you should probably bring a backup laptop in the form of a netbook. Wedding photographers have a backup SLR hanging around their neck, it’s not unspeakable to bring a second computer with you.

    iPhone 1,2 and 3S were pretty neat. I don’t think apple really pulled anything surprising out of their hat with #4 and in a year or two Android is going to be eclipsing Apple. Apple is going to really have to step up their A-game if they want to continue to compete in the smartphone market, their lead is nowhere what it once was and in terms of features they’re barely keeping their head above water right now. Unless they come up with something particularly incredible with #5 they may just continue float along on brand loyalty alone when the nextgen smartphones start arriving.

  2. Nice work, Dean! Great job, especially considering it was your first time at the goat rodeo!

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