Boing Boing picnic in San Francisco, July 10th


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  1. Chentzilla says:

    Who drew the girl?

  2. RangerCraig says:

    Had a great time at the picnic today. Thanks to boingboing for putting it on. I’ve posted my pics of the get together at

  3. ADavies says:

    Damn. And here I am in the wrong hemisphere.

  4. Jen says:

    Come host a picnic in Florida!! <3

  5. Maggie Koerth-Baker says:

    This is my “Living in the Midwest” sadface. :(

  6. Jason baker says:

    Wow, Boing Boing for the win. You managed to pick one of the four days this year I’m leaving my crappy apartment here in Chapel Hill to go visit my friend’s crappy apartment in downtown San Francisco. See you there!

  7. Xeno says:

    ‘xactly… are there picnic ‘mirrors’? Specially in case this one goes down… or doesn’t go down.. or goes down and needs others to go down. Or goes down and needs others to get down (wit yer bad selves).

  8. Dr. Concrescence says:

    And afterwards the geek fest continues:
    Saturday, July 10, Kaleidoscope 3109 24th St. at Folsom, San Francisco 3 pm – 7 pm,

    Hacking Reality: Then and Now

    A panel w. R.U. Sirius, Fernando Castrillon, and Erik Davis. Check it out! Followed by Sean Paul Cruz and his crossroads blues

    “Please Join Us for what promises to be a memorable VVS and a welcome intervention in our current novelty spike- Three of the foremost cultural critics and creators will gather to discuss reality hacking from the on-ramp of the information superhighway to the roadside distractions of the inner-webs…

  9. kmoser says:

    I want to see photos. There must be at least one person dressed as Jackhammer Jill.

  10. Nash Rambler says:

    What!?! San Francisco gets a picnic and all I get here in Baltimore is one lousy Cory Doctrow? This is my “living on the east coast” sadface =(

  11. Rajio says:

    Whaaaaa, I thought BB was in Toronto! :(

    • David Pescovitz says:

      Boing Boing is actually many places, including Toronto.

      Pesco: SF
      Xeni: LA
      Mark: LA
      Cory: London
      Rob: Pittsbugh
      Battelle: Marin
      Dean: Pittsburgh (SF for the summer)
      Lisa: SF
      Maggie: Minneapolis
      Brandon: Austin
      Ken: Toronto

      Antinous, Arkizzle, and Avram? The tubes.

  12. cholten99 says:

    Oh yes – there needs to be worldwide satellite parties – can’t let all the SF-folks have all the fun!

    Okay – let’s start with my neck of the woods. :-)

    Who’s up for a 10th July picnic in London?

    Pass it on!

  13. Brainspore says:

    I’ll check with my wife to see how high her nerd tolerance is likely to be that day.

  14. thebelgianpanda says:

    Will Pizza Hacker be there?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m in Los Angeles and I want to meet Mark and Xeni. I’d give them a hot dog print, cool cats. (Although San Francisco would be very nice to meet up for a picnic, too.)

  16. Greg323 says:

    Shoot. I’m going to be out there a week too late.

    Anybody want to mirror one in St. Louis on the 10th?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow do I wish I could attend. What a blast!

  18. unwoman says:

    Oooh, perhaps I will come with my cello.

  19. johnfromberkeley says:

    anyone want to rideshare from berkeley that day?

  20. osmo says:

    Pffft! SF? Who needs to be in SF? I can be BB all year round here in Gothenburg, Sweden – so go suck a walrus at fishermans warf for all I care! Weeee… lookatmego… oaaahh! Its *amazing* here – hope you guys are doing fine in that hempinfested, dank pit in which you decided to hold a meet-up.

  21. footage says:

    2 blocks from my house…yeah! BTW we really like the fog out here, hope you do as well.

  22. David Pescovitz says:

    Oh yeah. Just so nobody flips out when Mark isn’t there jamming on his cigar box guitar and Cory doesn’t fly by hanging from a balloon, you should know that unfortunately neither of them can make it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Who else agrees that we need to create a Boingboing picnic in London as well?

  24. David Pescovitz says:

    Thanks so much, RangerCraig! It was great meeting you. See you on Alcatraz!

  25. pinehead says:

    If you guys decide it’s not hot and humid enough for you in San Fran, we’d love to have you down here in Atlanta.

    As was said earlier, I wanna see photos.

  26. hungryghost says:

    On the one day that my mom is coming to visit! Maybe she will want to hang with the other happy mutants (but probably not). Anyway, a fantastic idea… and maybe if this one goes well another will be scheduled!

  27. lolbrandon says:

    For as much as Boing Boing trashes Facebook, it’s a little ironic that you’re using the service to RSVP and wall post suggestions.

  28. will_orz says:

    Longtime lurker that lives about 5 blocks away, so I’ll be there!

  29. Teller says:

    Don’t forget to wear your ‘nom de net’ name tags.

  30. benher says:

    When is the BoingBoing Osaka picnic? Can I join the staff just so I can start it? I don’t even have to be a contributor or an editor… you know… just “Osaka Picnic Guy” or something…

  31. girlgolite says:

    Do I HAVE to sign in to Facebook to RSVP? Really? Don’t want to.

  32. Revisorius says:

    If Xeni and Mark ever want to try one in L.A. that’d be awwwsum.

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