Frank McCarthy's undersea action illustrations

 2010 06 Around The World Under The
Over at Brian Lam's wonderful new Scuttlefish blog, about his love for the ocean, he shares some terrific undersea art by illustrator Frank McCarthy. The artist, who died in 2002, was a movie poster master and also did the concept art for Thunderball (1965). Above is a poster montage for Around the World Under the Sea (1966). "Art of the Thunderous Ball"


  1. Like how the woman “skin diver” has to not only forgo weaponry, propulsion and moray resistant clothing, but also has to carry her own lighting to full illuminate her form.

  2. Lloyd Bridges and David MacCallum? My then six-year-old self does not forgive me for never having seen this.

    1. Ouch… I took a quick peek on Amazon for the VHS edition (no DVD version as yet, from what I’ve read). New: $99.99; Used: $57.79. I think I’ll hold off on that particular movie for now…

  3. The (non-articulated) scuba suit the man is wearing also looks like another classic of that era, Fantastic Voyage.

  4. Where can I get a poster of this?!?! All his art that’s available in print are really cheesy Native American prints…

    I’m also open to similar suggestions. I love ’60s frogmen in action.

  5. weird, thunderball is exactly what i thought of when i saw the picture, before i even scrolled down. man, i miss the illustration style of the 60’s.

  6. I had to listen to “Sirens of the Sea” from OceanLab while looking at this picture, even if the lyrics don’t really fit.

    Out beyond the water’s edge
    Far out past the coral ledge
    Underneath the diamond dancing lights
    Chase the world from far below
    Silent sleeping indigo
    Drifting down into the endless night

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