8-bit costume

Img 1654 Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown recently built a fantastic 8-bit costume for a Toshiba commercial directed by Docter Twins. Johnson and Brown cut the "pixels" from large sheets of high density foam and glued them to an articulated cardboard suit structure. Kiel says, "I think I cut around 4000 pixels. Not all used for Gary... we are building two more characters for a video project." He's posted a posted a slew of terrific images from the build and commercial shoot.
"8-Bit Gary"


      1. Since they are on green screen somebody needs to add them to a photo of Mark.

        Mark, please dress accordingly for your shoot.


  1. Before I read the title and got my eyes to properly focus on the photo I thought “Cool, a Lego clone!”

  2. Technically they are voxels (volumetric pixels), which is the pixel concept extended to the third dimension. For a while, they used to be all the rage and they still are for niche applications such as in medicine with CT/MRI, regular 3D applications like games and such mostly use vector graphics, often based on polygons.

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