Coffee table looks like a Venn diagram


Out of stock design [via MocoLoco]


    1. Surely you’d be able to fit your coffee mug on it, wouldn’t you? Maybe even two?

  1. Check out the site. Looks like its an abstract thing where one table overlaps the other to make a bigger table.
    Pretty cool, just what my small living room needs. Can’t seem to locate a price tho…

    1. Most design of this nature takes a while to find a manufacturer, and when it does it is done in limited numbers. I’d expect the set to be around 800-1000$ if it ever gets produced. The firm itself may make a few examples on their own, but they probably won’t solicit the pricing anywhere.

      Out Of Stock is a great collective. Their work is very sharp in a world of oh-so-much unnecessary designer furniture. Not sure much if any of their work has gotten to mass production though…

  2. So these ones have milk, these ones have two sugars, and this one has milk *and* two sugars…


  3. This looks like fun, but I can imagine getting REALLY pissed if my guests used in an incorrect way: “No no no! Work-acquaintances go here, book club buddies go here–Hey! no straddling the line!”

  4. I’ve never noticed it before if this is the standard BB style for headlines, but this totally reminded me of the headers given to products in Carol Wright gifts catalogs, any of those catalogs where they’re selling useless things for old people. Simple declarative statements.

    “Ultrasonic device repels pests.”
    “Tummy control brief has slimming effect.”
    “Personal massager has fun bunny-shaped protrusion.”

  5. The perfect beverage table to keep on hand just in case Arnold Palmer ever comes to your barbecue.

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