Iranian activists release free Persian Little Brother


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  1. publicuum says:

    I’ve read all of your books for free and, having been unemployed for the last 18 months, never donated to the teachers or libraries whom you support so vocally in your forwards. But I’ve given you excellent word of mouth.

    Recently re-employed, I’m very glad to be able to give now. I just donated 10 bucks (what I’d be willing to pay for a treeware version) for three reasons. First, this translation might actually be important. Next, I respect the alternative economies you sketch out in your work and would like to help them grow. Finally, until some version of those economies becomes commonplace I am sympathetic to the concerns of the first commenter, and don’t like seeing professional jobs being done for free. As someone who’s field of work has been overrun with interns and cheap labor, I find that my own labor has been devalued to the point where I’ve been forced to start down a new career path. Not upset about it, but there have been growing pains. :)

    Many thanks all around.

  2. Teapunk says:

    Thank you for paying the translator. I mean it. As a professional translator, I usually frown upon fan translations, not because of their quality (who am I to judge?), but because translations actually are quite a lot of work. While translating I usually have to pay rent, water, electricity, food and it’s nice to know the colleague really did get compensated for his/her work with more than just warm words.

    • Anonymous says:

      +1 to this. I learnt in my early 20s – you can have a benefit gig, but the sound guy is _at_ _work_. If no one else gets paid, he/she does. Same applies here.

      Plus, I liked the book and work in Translation as well :)

  3. querent says:

    Many thanks. I’ll give a dollar.

  4. Tensegrity says:

    Just read the book (from your free download) and thought it was fantastic.

    The Persian edition is a great idea. I am putting the money I didn’t spend on the download plus a bit more toward the Persian edition project.

  5. Jeremiah Cornelius says:

    Baradar Kuchak!

    Mamnoonam! Khaili mikhaam.

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