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  1. Anonymous says:

    first of all: Oakland breeds writers…its likethe lose leaf falls off the oak tree. 2nd of all, Lissa and Chinaka coming together is dope. 2 of my favorite writers… good stuff yall! 3.New media is “the wave” (as the kids say)… I guess i mean its “the way”.


  2. David J. Loehr says:

    This is something we’ve been talking about over at Part of our focus is on how theatres can use, should use and have used social media effectively.

    My own theatre company, Riverrun Theatre, produced a play called “Wise Man” back in 2008 at Christmas time where we had two of the three characters tweeting in real time for the two weeks leading up to the show, and then for a few days after it closed, because it was set at approximately the same time as the actual show dates.

    We let audiences discover it for themselves through our website and mailing list emails, then mentioned it explicitly in the programs. People loved getting a hint of exposition ahead of time, those who found out at the show enjoyed going back and reading the conversations before the actual story on stage, and they all loved getting a glimpse of what happened next.

    That’s only one of the storytelling concepts we’ve discussed there and on the #2amt tag on Twitter…

  3. mag says:

    Some friends of mine wrote and acted in a facebook play.

    also, walter shmalter is a character on facebook who gives out his/her email and password.

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