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 Images Submitterator600 We're thrilled that everyone seems to be digging our new Submitterator! (More about the launch here.) Every day, folks are submitting a slew of wonderful links. Thank you! In fact, I browse it as if it's a group blog edited by a bunch of my most interesting friends that I haven't yet met. For those of you who missed the announcement earlier this week, the Submitterator is essentially a public submissions form. Every link you submit is shared with everyone else visiting the page. Vote 'em up or vote 'em down. We're keeping a keen eye on the Submitterator for front door posts and also getting a kick out of the stuff that doesn't end up here on the blog. We hope you are too! Got a link to share? Please submit to the Submitterator!


  1. good idea..get the readership to do the work as it where

    a thousand plus brains is better than a few..I personally spend alot of time surfing 40 hrs plus a week and am forever coming across good it as actually now living the future that I dreamed of as a kid

    I loved scifi and read hundreds of novels before I was twenty…so I like data mining and big producer and consumer of media

    Am now embarking on a new career as an artist..just put in a thousand hrs on art..I reckon another thousand and I’ll hold me first exhibition

    “on fb my public photo folders are under the name of Art dec beami”

    The previous statement will properly get deleted..but publish the other stuff please.

    Back on topic…yes I should think there will be many interesting articles with this new feature…will you make it easy to link to the page..I will have a look and see if theres a way of directly linking to the page when you read something of interest I know FB does it on some sites..but can imagine thats quite a difficult one to set up and you have to be quite well known…and intresting state of affairs as can imagine fb gaining ground on google there..sort of similar as your friend no lots of interseting stuff and now provide links to t…so disensing with the need to search so much with google..and aftre all your friends have good taste

    Also while I’m writing..I figure there is quite a need for an app for managing all these different social networking sites as myself nearly have my own personal network comprising of these different social netwoks if ya get what I mean and it would be quite nice to have a unbrella app that you can micro manage the other internet sites that you are a member ya get what I mean…dunno if there is one already..if someone could give me the link for it…so theres diff a need for that app..just a thought thats all…wish I had the skills to do it..but no…I hope someone can see the logic of what I’m saying as would be very useful and no doubt very pop! almost a network within a network the network being the net and then your own personal network..I’m full of ideas like this..and very creative…but my art is where my heart lies..but contact me for further info

    Neways prob a word limit so thats all

  2. I tried but it threw an error. I reported it where I was told to report such things, and received no reply. I haven’t tried again.

  3. You have a nice, handy “submitterator” graphic in the right sidebar, but when you click on it, you can’t submitterate anything using the linked-to page.

    < <>>

    Oh wait, there’s a frame at the very bottom of the page. When I click that it says “You don’t have permission to post.” Excellent!

      1. Comment worked successfully,

        Your comment will appear in a few minutes.

        Head back to the original entry.”

        Then showed up as normal here

        Still don’t have permission to submitterate.

        Also when I think of the verb to “submitterate”, I think of it physically processing (printing, scanning, filing) the submission – perhaps an image of a weaving loom, or 5 color process printer would be more appropriate? With a hunchback elf or ogre in a green tunic dilligently shoveling in submissions and oiling the ancient and monstrous device.,000+year+clock

        or something like this

        1. … With a hunchback elf or ogre in a green tunic dilligently shoveling in submissions and oiling the ancient and monstrous device.

          Hey! It’s a skin condition. And I never wear green.

  4. One of the things that makes BB great is the quality of the readers. I find myself generally happier with the quality of the comments than on other spaces.

  5. I’ve actually been using the Submitterator as a BoingBoing v1.5 since it premiered. Lots of fun links there. :)

  6. One more thing: I don’t know if it’s a website change or accidental glitch, but the “submit” link below the BoingBoing header (where all the links are located) takes me to the “suggest a link” page, not the Submitterator like it did last week.

    Not sure if that was an intentional change or not.

  7. Amazing that you can submit a youtube link that has had close to 2 million views now yet fails to get any votes here. Apart from mine that is.

  8. Yes, after reviewing the Submitterator, I now understand the enormity and challenge of your job here at BB.

  9. It’s quite a click magnet!

    Are people voting for their own entries? I was afraid to vote for my own. I figured Boing Boing would come back with a snappy response to that behavior.

  10. Do you realize what you have done? How long before the Submitterator becomes self-aware and kills us all?

  11. The Submitterator has already replaced Cory with a toaster, as part of its long-term dominance plan.

    And you thought he’d just gone on vacation?

  12. The Submitterator posts kick Digg’s butt.

    Please find a way to display, sort them for easier web browsing delight!

  13. i already spend too much time kind of reading all these blogs to where i feel like i am flipping channels for 8 hours, and now you just added another 8 hours to my channel flipping. i don’t eat. i don’t sleep. i don’t work. no time for t.v. just flipping channels all day long. and now there are more channels, all on one page. well, here it goes.

  14. Having access to the submitted links let you order you BB “à la carte”. Unfortunately this is minus the mostly smart comments. :(

  15. In fact, I browse it as if it’s a group blog edited by a bunch of my most interesting friends that I haven’t yet met.

    Lovely. All hail Submitterator and its kindly flesh minions! Long may the flesh minions minister to Submitterator!

  16. I’m reading “submitterator” but in my head I hear “The Submission-inator” in Heinz Doofenschmirtz’es voice.

  17. If you’re having problems with permissions on the system, please try logging out and back in again, and possibly also quit your browser. You’ve all been granted permissions to submit to Submitterator, but sometimes the system doesn’t recognize them until you’ve recreated your log in session.

    If you’re continuing to have problems after this, please don’t hesitate to email me at dean at boingboing dawt net.

    Glad to hear most of you are able to log in and seem to be enjoying Submitterator so far! It warms my cold, cold developer heart.

  18. You guys need a “this was already posted on Boing” button. I suppose that’s what voting down means, but I can’t deal with the cognitive dissonance of something being really cool to see again and clicking the “minus” button.

  19. Currently the Submitterator is overrun with book/DVD reviews from

    I just counted 41 of them.

    Can we have a banner across the top that says “This is not Digg” to maybe prevent this kind of spamming?

  20. It’d be cool to see higher voted posts that are recent-ish be featured at the top, perhaps above the most recent posts.

    This could also work the other way — posts with negative votes could be banished to the bottom, even if they are fairly recently posted. That could also be a quick way of dealing with the marketing spam that Tim mentions in comment #36.

  21. Yup, just like Anon #31, I was wondering if Dr. Doofenschmirtz knows about this Submitterator of yours. The whole thing is sure to be foiled by Perry the Platypus any momennt now…

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