Purebred's amazingly surreal photo narratives

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Stacey Ransom and Jason Mitchell, proprietors of Purebred, an intensely creative still and motion production company in San Francisco. As made apparent to me by their absolutely marvelous portfolio, my phantasmagoric dreams and nightmares somehow play out behind their studio doors. Magnificently strange, luminous, and fantastic... I can hardly imagine the shots that aren't meant for the public's eye. Purebred still + motion production (Thanks, Ozlo!)


  1. (Looking for something positive to say…)

    Well, if those are the kind of pictures you wanted, you sure got good ones!

    1. Anon #6 – NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!

      Looking through their portfolio al I could think was “Oh Man, if the ever make Bio-Shock into a movie, these guys MUST do the Design work.

      I kept waiting to see a Big Daddy.

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