Problem-solving flow chart


It's a little swear-y, but I like it.


Via Amy Vernon


  1. As a political science professor, I’d have to say that this is actually a pretty good model of how the American political system works.

  2. This has been around since the mid 80s at least. My father had a copy of this in that exact same odd font. This is an example of the sort of humor that used to circulate by fax.

  3. Looks like how to cover arse in the work place. It could be used for all sorts of problem solving, I love it.

  4. I’d love to know the provenance, as I first saw this when I entered the workforce in the 80’s and it apparently had been floating around long before then.

  5. This goes back a long way. Didn’t an earlier version say, “Didst fuck with it? Yea? Thou dumb shit!”

  6. My grandfather emigrated to the US in the 1950s, to help design modern jet airliners. He had a long and successful career.

    I first saw this hanging in his home office, about 30 years ago. The more things change…

  7. This is a broken version of the old standard. I mean, if you didn’t f*ck with it, why would you catch hell for it?

    My dad had one of these in the 70s (UK, computer bureau operator). It was also making the rounds (in Danish!) in the wind turbine industry in the early 1990s.

    1. Hah, doesn’t really matter if it’s your fault, sometimes you’ll catch hell for it anyway. Definitely not broken, unless you’re talking about the system it’s describing.

  8. Last time I saw this was a few months ago working onsite at a nuclear power plant. Always makes me chuckle.

  9. I sure hope I’m in time to inform you all that this is old.

    Like, I had a t-shirt with this on it in like, the nineties. Maybe even the late eighties.


  10. @ anon #4: I recall a version of this on the wall at John Booker & Company, a small instrument maker in Austin TX, cerca mid-1980s.

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