Nagoya COP10 sidebar: UNFCCC YOU!

201008270654 Just a quick Nagoya related sidebar (see other Nagoya COP10 posts here and here).

I'm not sure if it's deliberate or if it's accidental, but the UN seems to be on a roll with ironic convention acronyms. In case, you weren't aware, a convention is international politics jargon for "treaty." There's two in particular that involve the environmental landscape:

First is the U.N.F.C.C.C. -- this is short for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (the thing that gave us Kyoto and Copenhagen), but as my friend Allen pointed out, doesn't it sound more like a curse that a UN member with a stutter might say when working with other UN members?

Then we have the C.B.D., the Convention on Biological Diversity, the subject of my ongoing posts on Nagoya (part 1|part 2). Except that CBD is also the acronym for Cannabidiol, which according to Wiki is, "a cannabinoid found in Cannabis. It is a major constituent of the plant, representing up to 40% in its extracts."

We can only hope that there isn't any confusion on this matter for the delegates at Nagoya.


    1. Yeah, that’s what I thought of, too. I was picturing some netbaby “screaming” it other acronyms from their keyboard as another androgenic natural disaster is bearing down on their parents’ house.
      OSHIT. UNFCCCCCCC!!!!! NAO PLZZZZ????!!!11 LOL????/ <=[

  1. The coming climate change summit in Cancun, Mexico, should be called COP-OUT.

    After all, it’ll probably be a meeting where delegates will get to wine and dine, and Obama will take zero part in the discussions until the last few days when he’ll suddenly announce that he has come up with a brilliant new paradigm for Doing Nothing About Climate Change, because Doing Nothing About Climate Change is extremely important for preserving the dream of Bipartisanship — because Bipartisanship is the most important thing in the Obama universe, even more important than planet Earth itself.

    Also, everything wrong with this brilliant new paradigm is either China’s fault, or is the environmentalists’ fault.

    Welcome to the game-changing, paradigm-shifting climate change summit in Cancun, Mexico — the COP-OUT summit.


  2. I’d be interested to hear Dr Ng’s plain English explanation of the Clean Development Mechanism. Is it really the massive “pay the polluter” Ponzi scheme it appears to be to my simple, humanities-educated eyes, or is there more to it?

  3. A friend of mine working in IT was part of a project having the inadvertent acronym DRIP. One of the managers, unimpressed with the staff’s frivolity towards the “drip” name, took it upon himself to rename it at the full-title level.

    The acro of his new project name? JISM.

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