Videos that prove the elites are really reptilian humanoids

I'm with my friend and senior editor of bOING bOING (the zine) Gareth Branwyn and he is showing me funny videos posted by people who think the world is ruled by reptilian humanoid shapeshifters (basically, the nonsense that David Icke perpetuates). The videos show politicians and other powerful people's tongue flicks, hisses, strange head tilting, and membrane eyelids that move sideways. Commentary from video above:

'HISSSING' at 1:35...HEAD TILT at many times have you seen a human tilt their head like a freakin animal?...look at her flatens an the nostrils are larger and farther apart...near complete morph...

Notice everyone, body language? She points to her face. The middle man tries to cover it up.... His voice tone gives it away. The Reptile even gives a Freudian Slip.... "the whole thing feeds on itself."...and are those the twin towers in the background?...more subliminal reptilan sh*t

Reptilian shapeshifter videos on YouTube


  1. They are kind of right. Our brains have structural delineations marking our evolutionary past, and most of the traits we consider human are attributed to areas of the brain that evolved relatively recently, and are similar to other mammals. At its core the brain resembles a reptile’s, and that part of the brain is responsible for our most basic responses; fear, hunger, aggression.

    So, yeah, Fox is full of reptiles.

  2. Personally, I think the giveaway was the bit where she swallowed the live mouse, but meh…

    Anyhow, #3 has it right, it’s people extrapolating a cultural metaphor from physiology, but is it a useful metaphor? You have to choke back a lot of empathy, impulses to social cohesion and basic mammalian warmth to get to the point where you become an become an elite under the present cultural configuration… if you repress the mammalian and express the reptilian, have you not then made yourself into a reptile?

    1. Uh, no it’s simply David Icke and his followers:

      (Skip to about 4:35 to get the basics from the man, in his own words)

  3. And even more than “retarded” it’s horrible acting. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read a telly prompter… or repeat whatever the guy is saying in her ear.

    1. No no no… you gotta use the “art” instead of “ard” to properly convey the sense of stupidity when using the term “retarted”.

  4. NON-SENSE!? Way to be open minded, bOING bOING!

    This is just proof to me that this website is ran by lizard people.

  5. When David Frye did his impression of William F. Buckley he always included a few reptilian tongue flicks.
    I’d love to see a well photo-shopped Meg Whitman.

  6. You missed the most comedy part of the description, which is “reptilians control your news stations…*note…when uploaded to youtube the anomalies are visable…”


    Compression artifacts are the work of our evil overlords! It all makes sense!

  7. Yes….the Reptilian takeover has begun and they will infiltrate us through….celebrity gossip? The Gray’s are gonna be pissed!

  8. Did I miss something? It seems this darned membrane is always nictitating when anything interesting is going on. Drat.

  9. As a card carrying reptilian humanoid I find it insssulting that anyone would missstake this misssrable excuse for a newss anchor for one of us. “OBEY“, “MARRY AND REPRODUCE“, “NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT”, “CONSUME“, “CONFORM”, “SUBMIT”, “STAY ASLEEP”, “BUY”, “WATCH TV”, “NO IMAGINATION”, “DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY”!!!

  10. But seriously, how is this paranoid fantasy world any different than the one inhabited by American conservatives of the ilk that believe “progressivism” is part of a larger communist conspiracy going back to FDR or earlier? Sure it’s harder to believe in “lizardpeople” since we’ve never seen one, but ultimately trying to talk rationally with people under these paranoid delusions is the same– when you try to be reasonable with them you are suspected of being part of the conspiracy.

    (Yes, yes, I AM part of the conspiracy, I know, but that’s beside the point.)

  11. I watched a couple of these YT videos…I laughed more often than at most comedy skits. These people find even the most common of tongue movements to be proof of reptile.
    My favourite though is

    where in the first 30 seconds David Icke has already done a similar tongue-flicking thing.

  12. It’s funny to read stuff written by the wacky people and watch their videos for a while but a strange thing happens when you get too involved in their little world…either you get completely disgusted and never look at this nonsense again or you get fascinated and obsessed. I got sucked into doing hours of reading and research about the people who believe this sort of thing, I just couldn’t get my mind around what kind of person thinks this is real…and really I still don’t know but the one thing I do know is that they are dead serious.

  13. Occam’s Razor, people! Obviously the simplest answer is that these people are really shape-shifting lizards!

  14. Yes, I know this is off-topic, but who is joining Lisa and Steve in this video? I am familiar with her, but the name is escaping me.

  15. Sometimes I’m a little jealous of people who’s reality could possibly include things like shapshifting lizards. Their days must be so much more interesting than my boring world, where shapeshifters, orbs, ghosts, and psychics are all a bunch of hooey.

  16. Honestly, this is more evidence that we need a good national healthcare policy.

    All these poor Ickeites (Ickeans?) going without medication. Are we completely without empathy? Can’t we treat these unfortunate people, in hopes they’ll become productive members of society?

  17. Sweet. So becoming an elite, powerful rich person I get turned into a dragon? Awesome.

    Going to Collage: Makes you into a dragon!

  18. Going to Collage: Makes you into a dragon!

    Only if you have a bunch of pictures of dragons that you’ve cut out of magazines.

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