MakerBot's 3D scanner: the Cyclops


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  1. kam says:

    bits for bytes makes a 3D printer that sells for 2000pound (US reseller)

    the RepRap can supposedly self replicate.

    Saw a demo of it at a Society of Manufacturing engineering meeting.

  2. Yavar says:

    Could someone please recommend an affordable 3D printer for the amateur enthusiast trying to get into the maker hobby?

    • Pantograph says:


      Or if you fancy a challenge:
      Build yourself a Reprap Mendel or a lasercut or woodworked clone.

    • teh_chris says:


      affordable and 3d printer don’t belong in the same sentence.

      the makerbot is definitely affordable compared to commercial 3d printers ($750 compared to $10k) but it extrudes plastic instead of zapping goop or powder with a laser like the commercial kind. we have one at our hackerspace in cincinnati and have used it to make all manner of things, but it’s far from high fidelity.

      also, 3d printing is just part of the equation. getting 3d models of the stuff you want is another challenge. thankfully services like thingiverse have tons of them.

  3. Bliss says:

    And so, we come one step closer to home made “diamond age” technology, and one step closer to “object DRM”, and companies suing breakfasters for copying a spoon.

  4. Reverend Loki says:

    I want a 3D scanner I can build with my 3D printer. Then I can print out 2 of them, have one 3D scanner scan the other, and then send THAT data to the 3D printer.

    To draw it out even more, I can then scan that scanner (which is scanner C at this point), and print from that, creating scanner D. Now, scan scanner D, using scanner C, and continue, creating a Fibonacci set of 3D scanners. Continue until they break due to introduced flaws/loss of resolution.

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