Track civil liberties implications of UK bills with Liberty's Bill Tracker

SarahJ from the UK civil liberties group Liberty sez, "The idea behind the Bill-Tracker on Liberty's new website was to make it easier for visitors follow the progress of any UK bills before parliament that have significant implications for human rights or civil liberties, and put Liberty's briefings in context. The tracker shows which debate stage the Bill is at and how far it has to go, with links at each stage to our relevant policy briefings, press releases and campaign actions."


  1. What I found really impressive was Tasmania’s legal database. As of about a decade ago, the electronic form of their lawbook is the official copy, with automation to apply new laws and alterations on the date they take effect and back them out again if they have an expiration date. Any government office can print the current version of any law on demand for their own use or for citizens.

    It may not make the legal system itself run any more smoothly — but it was still a huge step forward. My only gripe with it was that they were using Word (ugh) as their entry system.

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