Abandoned Dalek goes to new home


9 Responses to “Abandoned Dalek goes to new home”

  1. Jasonclock says:

    John Hadlow will be donated to charity? Sign me up!

  2. mdh says:

    I wonder if moving him down the street will be enough, Daleks do tend to keep coming back.

  3. Hagrid says:

    It’s a Trojan Dalek!

  4. semiotix says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m quite impressed that they were able to secure the efforts of first stage guild steersmen to help with the Dalek’s transportion

  6. Phikus says:

    Shouldn’t they have blown it up? No wait, that’s ponies.

  7. Pipenta says:

    I’d just like to remind the new owners that, as cute as this little fellow is, they’re going to want to spay or neuter it (whichever is appropriate, hard to say with this things until you decant them). Because, seriously, we don’t want a world where school cupboards everywhere are filled with stray daleks.

  8. Rider says:

    I’m still hoping this will turn out to be part of some awesome viral ARG type event.

  9. bjacques says:

    Bit of a crap plan for taking over the world, but then they *are* supposed to be hyper-intelligent and hyper-devious.

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