Abandoned Dalek goes to new home

The mysterious Dalek found last week in an Exeter, England elementary school has found a foster home with John Hadlow, proprietor of a film and TV memorabilia shop in the area. Apparently the Dalek will eventually be donated to charity. From This Is Exeter:
 275580 Article Images 2684148 1793791 Mr Hadlow said: "I felt so sorry for him being stuck in a school cupboard so I've brought him to the shop and he is stood next to the other Dalek.

"He is also going to have a bit of a refurb and be tidied up.

"No one has come forward to claim him since the appeal in the Echo so we can only assume he was dumped."

"Abandoned Dalek given new home"


  1. I’m quite impressed that they were able to secure the efforts of first stage guild steersmen to help with the Dalek’s transportion

  2. I’d just like to remind the new owners that, as cute as this little fellow is, they’re going to want to spay or neuter it (whichever is appropriate, hard to say with this things until you decant them). Because, seriously, we don’t want a world where school cupboards everywhere are filled with stray daleks.

  3. Bit of a crap plan for taking over the world, but then they *are* supposed to be hyper-intelligent and hyper-devious.

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