Pharmacist-affiliated going after online pharmacies

[Image: A CC-licensed photo by Steve Snodgrass, via Flickr]

If you followed the health care reform debate, you know many Americans pay out of pocket for prescription drugs. Online prescription companies have made it possible for many of us to get drugs we could not otherwise afford from "offshore" sources. Now, one of the most prominent offshore suppliers is telling customers "After recent action taken by we have had to stop supplying customers within the USA." Alex Blaze at Bilerico reports:

LegitScript also wears their partnership with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which opposes drug reimportation from Canada, a cheaper alternative to American medications that was discussed during health care reform but was rejected mainly because it would save the average American $800 a year, which would come directly from the pharmaceutical industry (crazily enough, the NABP decries Canadian drugs as "unsafe," even though they help license pharmacies in nine provinces).
If this were about protecting people from shady online companies providing unsafe or counterfeit drugs, that would be one thing. But the blocked site,, has been providing great products and service for years. I know it's widely used by transgender people, who are far more likely to be priced out of insurance and privatized healthcare options. The alternative is dangerous black market hormones that used to be far too prevalent among low-income trans people. LegitScript feels like they're pulling a page from other protectionist trade organizations in the news, in order to maintain revenue streams for deep-pocket industries. stops shipping to the US (via Bilerico)

Since the LegitScript site is down (!) some extra info on the latest push, which includes action by Google against "rogue pharmacies": (News: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3).


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