Marc Canter's Digital City

Marc Canter - the guy who brought us Macromedia and the first multimedia authoring tools wants to help post-industrial cities like his own Cleveland re-employ its citizens in a new economy. Unlike me, however, instead of building business from the ground up, Canter believes that the corporate-employee relationship can be salvaged and revitalized. His answer, Digital City Mechanics, is dedicated to re-educating workers in basic net skills while re-educating companies in hiring and organization. Given that the former rust belt is now the polymer belt (cellulose water bottles, anyone?) he may just be onto something. If nothing else, I have learned from experience: do not underestimate this man. The above video was shot on an iPhone at the Open Video Conference, where Marc was hoping to help figure out how to fill in the gaps for open standards in web video production and distribution.


  1. Is there really a shortage of workers with basic net skills? People with really advanced net skills can’t make money right now so it’s hard to see what tons of people with basic skills could do for a company.

    1. Honestly in Cleveland there’s a shortage of folks with really advanced skills as well. I know probably half a dozen companies hiring programmers in the area and if you want to be an independent consultant there’s even more work. Cleveland is an old manufacturing town, and a lot of people still work in “blue collar” jobs here today which means a surprisingly large number really don’t have a modern internet-era skillset.

  2. Hey everybody

    I just updated our Digital City Mechanics site with a recent white paper that explains everything.

    And this is not just about training for jobs – this is about creating jobs as well.

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