Eight-mile long Minecraft highway

Wagner James Au sez, "Working 20 hours over a few weeks, a young art student made this awesomely long Minecraft rail, and a hypnotic video to go with it."

Other World Notes: Man Makes 8 Mile Minecart Rail in Minecraft & Beautiful Timelapse Machinima to Show It Off (Thanks, James, via Submitterator)


  1. I found myself reflexively reaching for the mouse to try to look around. Yeah, that’s not going to work, but it means I was sucked in.

    But that round moon from the texture pack looks so wrong.

  2. I’m guessing this isn’t on a private server, but you can still build wherever you want? I’ve never played the game, so I don’t know the rules.

  3. Listen to Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train instead of the embedded sound. Actually just about syncs up.

  4. This’d be in single player. At the moment rails and minecarts are glitched on multiplayer servers, though with a bit of luck that’ll get fixed in the Halloween release.

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but for the scale and the rate it’s traveling, it seems like a heck of a lot more than eight miles.

  6. Now I’m confused. This was a production, but the producers of Indiana Jones and Journey to the Center of the Earth would have us believe that miners have nothing better to do than construct roller coasters in their mines. This is a straight track. And I thought miners were a fun loving crowd with a penchant for dangerous tracks. At least the speed of the mine cart was correct.

  7. That’s just awesome. this guy really did a fine job. and the sound is cool too. I’m afraid to start playing that game. You’ll be addicted in no time. Pretty impressive.

  8. The music is by Cartografia I think (judging by the very small note). Any idea what the track is?

    Thank you…

    1. Nah, the music is “Life’s Path” by MindThings. It says so in the description and includes a link to the music. Cartograph is a mapping program for Minecraft.

      Also, an evil part of me was waiting for the cart to run into a creeper blocking the track. The maker probably had it set on peaceful mode, what with all those dark spots.

  9. The music is “Life’s Things”, by Mindthings. Look for it on Newgrounds.

    Minecraft is awesome! They have a very strong community on Reddit also.

  10. Anon #6: If you can get to a location in the world of Minecraft without being killed, you can build or destroy there.

    And shadowbird (#16), the most likely culprit is “extensive inventory hacking”. But you probably knew that already ;)

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