HOWTO Make jello blood-worms

These ultra-squicky jello blood-worms are made by immersing a bundle of drinking straws in a jello/whipping cream mixture while it's setting up. Once the jello's solidified, you squeeze the "worms" out of the straws. Voila, instant ewww!

The Idea Room: Jell-O "Blood" Worms (Thanks, Tichrimo, via Submitterator)


  1. Awesome! I, like some of boingboing’s nerdier readers, have had a Star Trek themed birthday and blood worms or gagh in Klingon were on the menu but they were not easy to execute in an interesting and cool fashion. Great idea, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Better yet, poke the filled straws into the Giga Pudding, *then* squeeze out the ‘worms’
    Infested Pudding!

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